DataHosts Introduces Unique ‘SafeServer’ Remote Backup Solution

Date 2007/1/17 0:24:59 | Topic: Press Releases

ANDERSON, S.C. (1/5/2006)—DataHosts (, a provider of business class Shared, Reseller and Dedicated Web hosting solutions, announced today it has introduced its unique and revolutionary new SafeServer Remote Data Backup Service, powered by Righteous Software’s Backup Server for Linux.
The new service, which is offered at only $1 per gigabyte of backed-up data, is available to all existing and prospective clients, regardless of whether or not they are subscribers of DataHosts Web hosting services. Once signed up, users are able to independently select the frequency backups are taken—up to once an hour—with a maximum of seven backups retained at any given time.

“We are enthusiastic to introduce a backup service that is built around flexibility and customer control,” said Gene Fields, DataHost owner. “The most common problem businesses face when dealing with their data backups is a lack of backups. We hope to eliminate this by offering a service that allows users an affordable and customizable way to maintain current, automated and reliable remote backups.”

Backup settings can be configured by users via their Web browsers, and all backups are downloaded via HTTP, allowing for easy installation of the service.

DataHosts is one of the first Web hosting providers to use Righteous Software’s revolutionary new backup technology in a dedicated backup service. The technology allows hosting companies to create a large number of sector-level backups frequently by only backing-up files that have been modified, and then compressing the copied files.

“One of our priorities at Righteous Software has been to create a product that is scalable and can be used to benefit end-users in a myriad of different ways. DataHosts' new service demonstrates an effective and pioneering implementation of our software and we look forward to the development of this important service,” said David Wartell, Righteous Software founder and CEO.

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About DataHosts
Located in Anderson, S.C., DataHosts ( is a leading provider of Shared, Reseller and Dedicated Web hosting solutions. The company has been hosting customers since 2005 and operates servers in both the SAVVIS and DataBank datacenters.

About Righteous Software
Founded in 2003, Righteous Software is a provider of innovative disk-based backup solutions. Offering low cost, scalable and integrated products, the company has quickly been recognized by industry leaders as the standard for Linux disk-based backups.

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