Cartika Hosting Introduces Continuous Data Protection in R1Soft Datacenter

Date 2007/7/14 23:29:36 | Topic: Press Releases

TORONTO, Ontario – June 29, 2007 – Cartika Hosting (, a business Web hosting provider, announced today it has signed a site license agreement with R1Soft, maker of Continuous Data Protection software. With the agreement, Cartika Hosting will provide the backup service to all customers hosted in its Dallas, Texas Datacenter.
R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection technology allows Cartika Hosting to create daily backups of all hosted data, and provide clients with access to up to 30 previous restore points. Clients can choose to restore individual files or even tables in an SQL database, from any previous restore point.

“We’re providing our clients with access to an entire month of file revisions. In essence, site owners or developers can choose to restore something as granular as an individual file or as large as their entire root directory. This access will ultimately prove to be invaluable,” said Andrew Rouchotas, CEO of Cartika Hosting. “This value-add technology helps bring our service to the next level.”

“Our Continuous Data Protection solutions allow companies like Cartika Hosting to securely and affordably protect important data against loss and unintended modification. As regulatory requirements for data handling continue to increase, and businesses depend more than ever on servers to store their mission-critical data, the demand for this data protection technology will continue to grow,” said David Wartell, CEO of R1Soft. “We are excited to provide this technology to Cartika Hosting and its clients.”

Cartika Hosting customers will have access to past restore points through a specially developed interface in their H-Sphere control panel. Currently, Cartika Hosting is the only hosting provider offering integration with Continuous Data Protection and the H-Sphere Control Panel.

The Continuous Data Protection service will be provided at no additional charge to all Cartika Hosting customers, both on Linux and Windows platforms. This includes clients on all shared hosting plans, as well as both virtual dedicated clusters and dedicated servers/clusters.

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